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History of Eventseer - A Digital Library of Research Events

I got the idea for EventSeer started when I as a fresh Computer Science PhD student (1999) wondered about where to publish my own papers (e.g. at conferences, journals and workshops).

EventSeer timeline or html->php->python->python+django


    • First version up on (The first conference was added on August 16th - SMARTNET'99), see here for a copy. How it worked? A manually updated HTML file (revisioned under RCS)


    • Replaced the manual HTML file with PHP version that read from a CSV file and presented events in a table with Call-For-Paper date (i.e. deadline), Notification date, Event date, Location of Event and Name of Event with link to more information about the event. This version had automatic highlighting of relevant dates (i.e. the ones that aren't in the past).
    • Snapshot of version from Internet Archive on February 19th 2001 is found
    • Renamed page from "conferences" to "events" (closer to , but not yet "eventseer" :)


    • Copied PHP version from to
    • Got idea for new name of event service: eventseer
    • Sept 8th - started re-implementation of EventSeer in Python

    2003 Jan-Feb

    • Copied and refined UI of to (primary focus on AI and game conferences), see for how it looked.
    • Feb 20th - Requested first eventseer ip name (
    • Feb 23th - Sent a draft eventseer paper email for comments from potential co-authors. This paper described various tasks needed for eventseer:
      1. classification (events vs not event) of incoming email (using either naive bayes or SVM
      2. parsing and extraction of emails (e.g. dates, locations, topics)
      3. database for extracted data
      4. XML schema and empirical analysis (of the data)
      5. and the rest (a lot of glue, e.g. wrapper induction for information extraction)

    2003 Mar-2005 Aug

    • Made Eventseer finally running under its proper name
    • Defended my PhD thesis and joined Google :)
    • When I left academia for industry and Thomas Brox Røst took over development, he opensourced a version of it here.

    2009 Sep-

    • Co-founded Atbrox (that takes over Eventseer development, not much done yet - as of August 2011), but first thing is to replace its current search with Atbrox' search technology.

    EventSeer is currently running as a service on


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