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"Mobile Commerce Agents in WAP-Based Services"

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Authors: Mihhail Matskin and Amund Tveit

Journal: Special Issue on Mobile Commerce, Journal of Database Management. IDEA Group Publishing, July-September 2001, pp 26-35.

With the increasing number of e-commerce services for mobile devices, there are challenges in making these services more personalized and to take into account the severely constrained bandwidth and restricted user interface these devices currently provide. In this paper we consider an agent-based platform for support of mobile commerce using wireless (WAP-based) devices. Agents represent mobile device customers in the network by implementing highly personalized customer profiles. The platform allows customization and adaptation of mobile commerce services as well as pro-active processing and notification of important events. Information to the customers is delivered both via WML-decks and SMS messages. Usage of the platform is illustrated by examples of valued customer membership services and subscription services support. Some details of a prototype platform implementation are briefly considered.

Keywords: Mobile services, electronic commerce, intelligent agents, wireless devices, WAP/WML

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