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"Parallelization of the Incremental Proximal Support Vector Machine Classifier using a Heap-based Tree Topology"

Authors: Amund Tveit and Håvard Engum

Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are an efficient data mining approach for classification, clustering and time series analysis. In recent years, a tremendous growth of data gathered has changed the focus of SVM classifier algorithms from providing accurate results to enabling incremental (and decremental) learning with new data (or unlearning old data) without the need for computationally costly retraining with the old data. In this paper we propose two efficient parallelized algorithms based on heaps of processing nodes for classification with the incremental proximal SVM introduced by Fung and Mangasarian.

Implementation of Algorithms: Implementations can be found at the Sourceforge Incridge - A Scalable Classification Tool project page.

Keywords: Classification, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Parallel Algorithms


This paper has been used as curriculum, recommended reading or related material for the following courses:
  1. Professor Arvind Gupta: "CMPT 881 G1 - Introduction to Computational Biology", Simon Fraser University, Canada, Fall 2004
    (Used in the list of possible project papers)

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