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"Scalable Agent-Based Simulation of Players in Massively Multiplayer Online Games"

Authors: Amund Tveit, Øyvind Rein, Jørgen Vinne Iversen and Mihhail Matskin


We propose a parallel mobile agent platform - Zereal - for scalable and flexible simulation of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). Players and NPCs in Zereal currently have a sense-reason-act behavior, with reasoning based on Markov chains in addition to hierarchical plans specified in XML. Zereal's primary purpose is to be a MMOG simulation tool that enables testing of usage logging approaches for CRM and data mining purposes, and secondly to allow flexible testing of behavioral AI models for players and non-personal characters. Zereal has shown to be close to linearly scalable in terms of number of players, and has been successfully tested with more than 100 thousand players on 20 CPUs on a Linux-based cluster. Zereal is implemented using Python, MPI and C++.

Keywords: Massively Multiplayer Games, Agent-based Simulation, Parallel Architecture

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