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Abstract of "Software Agents for Mobile Commerce Services Support"

This chapter considers an application of software agents to mobile commerce services provision. With the increasing number of e-commerce services for mobile devices, there are challenges in making these services more personalized and in taking into account the severely constrained bandwidth and restricted usre interface these devices currently provide. In this chapter we present an agent-based platform for support of mobile commerce using wireless devices. Agents reepresent mobile device customers in the network by implementing highly personalized customer profiles. The platform allows customization and adaption of mobile commerce services as well as pro-active processing and notification of important events. Information to the customers is delivered via both an access to the Internet and SMS messages. Usage of the platform is illustrated by examples of valued customer membership services and subscription services support. We hope that the presented work demonstrates benefits of software agents as assistants in mobile commerce services.

Authors: Mihhail Matskin and Amund Tveit

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